Where to Buy Chickens for Sale

Ready to start a flock of chickens in your backyard?

Urban chicken farming is becoming more popular, but it’s nothing new. Backyard chickens can be an asset to the lawn and garden. Plus, they put food on the table either as eggs or meat. Chickens can eat weed seeds and bugs from the lawn, especially if you use a chicken tractor like the Small A Frame Chicken Coop.

Not sure where to buy your chickens? Here are some ideas on where to get chickens:

Buy Chickens at Farm and Landscape Supply Stores
Around Easter, farm and landscape supply stores will actually have chickens in stock. Be careful when you purchase to make sure you buy hens instead of roosters. Sometimes city ordinances will not allow roosters, because they make more noise. And often, the hens sale out pretty quickly.

Call around your local farm and landscaping supply stores to see when they expect the arrival of their chicks. They most likely will not have a variety of breeds in stock. You can expect to find White Leghorns or Rhode Island Reds, which are both great egg laying breeds.

Remember you do not need a rooster for egg production. A hen lays unfertilized eggs on her own. If you will want to hatch eggs for chicks in the future, then a rooster will be needed.

Buy Chickens at Local Farms
Check Local Harvest for a farm in your area. Often, locally owned farms will sale eggs to hatch, chicks, or even better pullets. Pullets are started hens that are over 20 weeks of age. The convenient part of buying pullets is that you do not have to raise them as you would chicks under heat lamps.

Order Chickens on the Internet
Another easy place to buy chickens is over the Internet. All you do is select the breeds of chickens and the approximate delivery date you want to receive the chicks. The post office will call you the morning they come in to come pick them up.

Ordering chicks over the Internet allows for a diverse selection in breeds since they are large chicken hatcheries. It makes for an easy way to get rare or unusual breeds, rainbow layers, or even smaller Bantam breeds. Keep in mind that when you order from a hatchery, they have to package them in a box of 25 chickens. With 25 chickens in a box, they maintain the correct body temperature.

When ordering chickens online, make sure everything is ready for them before the chickens are delivered. The brooder will need to be ready to maintain their body temperature once outside of the shipping box. Have the brooder preheated to ease the transition for the chicks. The temperature the first week should be around 95 degrees.

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