10 Cool Gardening Apps for the iPhone

Do you love gardening? Do you think about your garden at work, while you’re running errands, or do you get inspired to grow certain things in your garden when are out to eat at a restaurant?

And do you also love your iPhone and/or iPod Touch?

If you answered yes to both of these questions, keep reading! Because we’ve gone through and picked out what we think are the top 10 best gardening apps from iTunes for your iPhone and iPodTouch.

1) Botany BuddyBotany Buddy by AVAI VENTURES Inc.

This reference application seems to have it all, and for a whopping $9.99, I wish it could make my iPhone do the work in the garden for me. Maybe that will come with the next generation of the iPhone? Who should I talk to at Apple about that? Anyway, back to the application.

With more than 1,300 (and growing) native and ornamental plant species, you won’t need to buy another plant application. You get free updates, too, so when they add more plants and features (if that’s possible), you get all those goodies for free! Search for plants you know you want to plant and even those you see but can’t identify on your own. Quickly find all you could want to know about any of the 1,300+ plants in the database.

Best of all, it doesn’t require an internet connection, so you can search for and keep track of your favorite plants while out on hikes or out in your garden. The large library requires internet connection for installation, so be sure you sync up your gadget before you head out of the house.

Cost: $9.99

2) Botanical InterestsBotanical Interests by Netframes

Of the seven people who have reviewed this gardening application on the iTunes store, all have given it 5 stars, and at $5.99 (the second most expensive app on our list), you’d expect the users to love it. If you have a vegetable garden at home or are thinking of starting a vegetable garden, this app may be just the one you are looking for to help you with gardening success.

Learn “tips and tricks” for helpful advice for gardening successfully, create a list of your favorite veggies and plan your garden with nearly 300 different “botanical high quality varieties.” Get comprehensive growing and harvesting information on any variety and send questions directly to Botanical Interests, the company behind the application that is a producer of organic vegetable seeds.

Cost: $5.99

3) Pocket GardenPocket Garden by At Media

Calling all vegetable gardeners! This app is ideal for identifying and tips for growing hundreds of types of vegetables in your garden. Quite literally from Artichoke to Zucchini, you can easily scroll through seed types to find the exact varietal you want to learn about and/or grow.

In the My Garden section of the application, you can keep track of all the vegetables in your garden, make notes on each varietal and monitor the expected harvest date of your veggies. With this app, I’ll no longer have an excuse for my slight black thumb problem.

If you’re weary of this application, try the free version first before shelling out the $0.99 for the ad-free version.

Cost: $0.99 (or Free with the Pocket Garden (Ad Supported)Ad Supported Version)

4) Garden ToDo - Gardening ApplicationGarden ToDo by Building Rainbows Software

Because sometimes a pen and paper just don’t cut it with ToDo lists, this gardening todo application really makes the chore organizing process so much easier. With this app, you can quickly organize gardening tasks by priority, time entered or even customize the order based on your own needs. Assign pics of your garden from your phone for specific tasks for the scroll wheel and cover flow options.

When entering new tasks, you can choose options from the scroll wheel or enter tasks manually, making this application great not just for your garden, but also for indoor tasks as well.

Cost: $1.99

5) Flower Garden - Grow Flowers and Send BouquetsFlower Garden by Snappy Touch

Not actually that helpful for gardening, this application is really a game where you plant and grow flowers. As you water your plants, they grow, and you can clip the flowers to create bouquets to send to friends and family via email. It’s a virtual garden in potted plants with real sounds of a garden.

Based on a water meter, you can tell when to water your plants for growth and health, when you add the water, it actually sounds like drops of water. Want to turn your terra cotta pot to see other flowers in your bunch? When you slide your finger across the screen, the pot turns and sounds like a real terra cotta pot moving against cobble stones.

The $2.99 version comes with up to 20 different types of seed to unlock, you can “grow” a beautiful bouquet arrangement. There is also a lite version for free that come with only three types of seeds.

Cost: $2.99 (or Free with the Flower Garden Litelite version)

6) Jeff HaleGardening by Jeff Hale

For people like me who really need help with new plants and who seem to always forget, this application is keeps a database of plants along with instructions on how to care for them. This application helps with knowing how to plant your seeds or seedlings and average harvest time of each varietal.

You can add plants to your personal garden list and keep track of each plant until you harvest them. This application also allows you to create todo lists and keep a journal (along with pics) of your garden’s progress. Take note, this application may help turn that black thumb into a green thumb!

Cost: $1.99

7) iPlantiPlant by Lundgren Consulting, LLC

For all those times you wonder if the plant that just brushed across your leg was poison ivy (yikes!), now there is an application that helps you identify more than 300 different types of plants.

This application goes into detail about plants common, scientific (Latin) and alternative names along with descriptions, common usage and value (medicinal vs. food) and any warnings that might be associated with the plants. This reference application would come in handy in the kitchen, on hikes and in the garden, and with more than 150 photos, it’s sure to be a breeze to find the plant you need.

Cost: $1.99

8 ) iGarden USA - Gardening HelperiGarden USA by NanoSoft, LLC

This is another application to help you plan and track your garden. It gives advice on the best planting dates for each US climate zone based on where your phone is located. You can also learn the best planting practices for each type of plant in your garden. After you’ve got your seeds planted, use the garden tracker to monitor your garden’s process and get ready for the estimated harvest date.

This application was recently updated, and the update includes lots of new features that make this application more informational and easier to use.

Cost: $4.99

9) Flower Pedia - garden and wild flowers info with wallpapersFlower Pedia by Muli Mobile

Flower Pedia. Get it? Like an encyclopedia for flowers. This reference application boasts more than 1,500 photos of flowers, each toting a rating feature, ability to email and save the photos to your phone background and loads in information about each flower.

While 1,500 photos is a lot, this app holds information about 100 flower families (with over 500 of their genera, or closely related species) represented. All together, this application shows pictures representing more than 100k species of flowers from all around the world. Impressive, maybe, but their disclaimer explains that if you are a serious botanist, you should be advised that this is not a complete botanical encyclopedia. Rather, this application is geared towards those with a casual affinity for flowers.

Good news about this app is that no internet connection is required to access the thousands of flower photos. Take this application with you wherever you go to get information and photos of beautiful flowers from around the globe.

Not sure if this is the application for you? Be sure to try out the lite (not free) version available that includes 100 photos and flower info.

Cost: $4.99 (or a Flower Pedia Lite - garden and wild flowers wallpaperslite version available for $0.99)

10) MyGardenMyGarden by Perceptive Designs

Although this application doesn’t have a database of different plant types (yet), you can still keep track of all the plants in your own backyard easily and on a clean interface.

Easily input data for your plant in the appropriate fields (like plant name, light requirements, watering needs, bloom time, soil requirements and much more) and keep track of your plant throughout the season. From the comments section, it looks like this garden application may have some bugs to work out, but who doesn’t have a few bugs in their garden from time to time, right?

Cost: $1.99