Do you need a Rain Barrel Pump?

As we all have found out, rain barrels are an excellent way to save and conserve water and use it for the home. However, rain barrels do not have water pressure, as they are literally just freestanding barrels. Therefore, many people will drain the water from the barrel with a spigot into a bucket or watering can, and then will use the water.

If you like more immediate results, however – a spigot might be seen as too time consuming. In these cases, a rain barrel pump is a great option for getting water out of the rain barrel. We offer a few different rain barrel pumps, let’s look at three we offer and see how they could help with your rainwater collection and rainwater harvesting:

This Portable Electric Rain Barrel Pump doesn’t physically go into the rain barrel, and can pump at a flow rate of 6 gallons per minute. That’s a simple and easy way to extract water from your rain barrel. You’ll be watering your plants in no time this way!

It’s lightweight, can be transported from place to place – and can really help you extract water from that rain barrel quickly. It’s a great tool to have for rainwater collection.

This Battery Powered Pump for Rain Barrels is also an excellent rain barrel pump to have. While it’s not as fast as the portable electric rain barrel pump, it can still clear out 200 gallons of rainwater per hour.

However, it’s marine quality, and was originally designed to keep boats from sinking. Surely, if it can save a sinking ship, it can most definitely help water your lawn. Another excellent feature is the fact that you can totally submerse this pump. Just dump it in your rain barrel and get to pumping.It takes three d-cell batteries, which can pump water continuously for up to 5 hours.

No time for electric or battery powered pumps? Do you want a DIY approach to throw a little elbow grease in there? Hey, if that’s your shtick, or if you are in a pinch to where you don’t have power or batteries handy, this manual water pump is most definitely the right thing for you. Don’t let the manual power fool you into thinking this pump is weak, it can pump out 40 to 90 gallons per minute.

Just think about that – you could clear out a 56 gallon rain barrel in anywhere from a minute or two. No priming necessary, sets up in seconds, no electricity used, and a high output. All things considered, it’s a pretty excellent water pump.

So as you can see, there are a few different options when it comes to getting water out of your rain barrel. Of course, you don’t need a rain barrel pump to get water from the rain barrel, but they’re definitely a nice accessory to have if you want to get a lot of water out at once, or are quite simply just tired of using the spigot.