New Product: Fire Hose Nozzle for Garden Hose

The Fire Hose Nozzle for a Garden Hose is a perfect tool for your garden and other household tasks.  Whether you are watering your garden and need a delicate water spray or if you are washing your car, this hose nozzle will get the job done.  It will fit any standard garden hose male connector.

The reason this hose nozzle has the words “Fire Hose” in its name is because of the many arrays of water sprays that it offers, which is just like a fire hose.  It can change from a powerful spray to a fine mist with a simple twist of your wrist.  This hose nozzle sports a 60 gallon per minute (GPM) pressure, which can spray up to a 40 foot stream of water.

This hose nozzle is also built to last because of its premium construction.  It has an aluminum core with a rubber molded grip for comfort in your hand.  This item also has a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty if you need more proof.