5 Gardening Gifts for the Serious Gardener

Shopping for the serious gardener can sometimes take a little out of the box thinking. This is because the serious gardener will often have many garden tools and high tech gadgets lying around or has done his or her research pretty well, and may already know a lot of cool stuff that’s on the market.

No worries. We’ve thought of some gifts that they may not have, or some ideas that are so simple, the serious gardener may have accidentally overlooked them. Either way or, the following five gifts are surefire ways to make any serious gardener happy.

Electronic Soil Tester

This device is great. The Electronic Soil Tester measures light intensity, NPK levels, soil moisture, and soil pH. It’s a great tool to have around, because a great garden will start with successful soil conditions. Good soil translates over to healthier, greener plants and will have big payoff in the long run. The serious gardener may know the ideal soil conditions, but this monitor lets them double check theory and always make sure soil conditions are ideal.

Gardening Hat

So this may seem like a pretty simple, but it’s a commonly overlooked idea. Think about it though – the serious gardener is going to spend plenty of time outside, and is going to be exposed to all the elements. An item such as a hand woven garden hat can block sunlight and help sweat evaporate well. In addition to these attributes, it has a style that says gardening is serious business. You can’t go wrong with this hat.

Cape Cod Weeder

The Cape Cod Weeder is a great tool to have. It’s sturdy, made from hardwood and carbon steel, and can really help attack weeds. It can be used to get underneath the weed itself attacking it at the root, or it can be tilted perpindicular to the ground, and the blade can be used to scrape weeds out of the sidewalk. Weeds are pesky and annoying. A strong weeder like the Cape Cod is going to please any serious gardener, because it really attacks weeds at the source.

Best Gardening Gloves

These garden gloves are ergonomic, highly padded, reinforced, and are quite simply some of the best gardening gloves that one could own. They also have the look and appearance of baseball gloves, meaning they aren’t all baggy over the hand, and help protect from thorns. To boot, they also have an ease of use commendation from the Arthritis Foundation. That’s pretty much unheard of from other gardening gloves. Toss in the fact that they are machine washable and air dry quickly, and you’ve got a solid deal that any serious gardener will love.

Flexible Folding Wheelbarrow

This wheelbarrow is great for any serious gardener. It’s flexible so it can collapse and store easy, but it’s made from durable steel and tarp so it will last a long time. It functions like a normal wheelbarrow, just without all of the stress and strain. Every serious gardener needs a tough wheelbarrow for hauling dirt, compost, and other planting materials. This one is solid.

And there you have it – 5 different items that are going to be difference makers for the serious gardener! Any of these items will be sure to make the life of the serious gardener a lot easier and their time spent in the garden even more pleasant than it already is. So if you were void of gift ideas, these are some great gift ideas for 2009 that will be sure to turn heads and bring smiles about.