Encourage moles to vacate the premises

Photo courtesy of ESOX LUCIUS at Flickr.com.

The damage that moles can inflict on your yard or garden with their tunneling can be infuriating, but there are simple ways to eliminate the problem quickly without resorting to poisons.

Moles are sensitive to sound, so if you put a cheap radio playing heavy metal or hard rock into one of their tunnels, you’ll probably be rid of them within a few hours. Moles are also averse to the smell of Ex-Lax laxative, so putting a few squares of it into their holes will make them pack up and go. For a more extreme solution, coat an ear of corn with tar and put it into one of their tunnels. The fumes will drive them away, and you can easily retrieve and dispose of the corn once it’s done its job.

Photo courtesy of jacobs a red at Flickr.com.