Tomato Cages: Round, Square or Spiral?

If you’ve ever grown tomatoes before, you know that choosing a quality tomato cage is essential for when your tomato plants start to get tall. Without a cage, tomato vines will slump over against the ground as they grow larger.

If you’re looking or have just been growing tomatoes, we have plenty of tomato cages to choose from. There are different types of wire tomato cages and plastic tomato cages. They can range from round tomato cages, to square tomato cages, to even spiral ones. Here’s a few of our favorites:

The Ultimate Tomato Cage is round circular plastic tomato cage that sells amazingly well. This cage will help support your tomatoes and can improve the yield of your crop. Four stakes make sure it’s secure to the ground, and then four hoops rise up in ascending size. When the season is over, it folds flat for easy storage. It’s an excellent choice for a tomato cage.

This square tomato cage is an excellent wire folding tomato cage. It comes in a set of four and is made from galvanized wire. As the tomato plants grow, you can also stack these cages – accommodating tomato plants that are taller. All in all, it’s an excellent tomato cage.

Another popular item is this Spiral Tomato Cage, which is more of a replacement for a tomato stake then an actual cage, and you have to make sure the stalks are contained within rings. It’s able to work by containing the weight of the tomato plants side by side, as opposed to up and down. However, they are still durable – although might need a little more maintenance than the other two types of tomato cages mentioned.