Clean Greens: Cleaning Lettuce, Cabbage, Turnips and other Leafy Vegetables Effectively

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One of the challenges of preparing greens for cooking is cleaning them. Lettuce, cabbage, turnips and the like can be bad enough, but when you get down to the frillier greens like mustard, cleaning them can be a downright pain: these greens collect dirt like nobody’s business in all the folds and crevices of the frills. And hey, nothing kills the thrill of eating your organic vegetables like having to crunch grit between your teeth.

If you don’t mind washing and washing and washing your leafy greens, more power to you. But you have to admit that doing so can waste a lot of precious water, so here’s a purely organic, simpler solution: Don’t let them get dirty in the first place. If you’ll lay down a 1-2 inch layer of chemical-free bark, grass clippings, or straw around your plants and water it well to make it mat down, viola—you’ve got a nice fertile mulch that will not only retain moisture and control weeds, it’ll keep rain from splashing mud onto your greens. And if the weight of the rain itself causes the leaves to bow down, they won’t lie in the dirt. Of course, you’ll still need to wash your produce, but it’ll be a lot easier to get clean.

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