Bury Your Banana Peels in the Rose Bed

Photo courtesy of Darwin Bell at Flickr.com.

Instead of tossing your banana peels in the trash can or even into the compost heap, consider burying them beneath your rosebushes instead. Banana peels are full of many of the nutrients roses need, including calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, silica, sodium, and sulfur. Bury the peel whole about an inch below the soil at the base of one of your rosebushes, or chop it up and work it gently into the soil.

If you’re preparing to plant a rosebush and have some bananas on hand, why not enjoy a snack and let the new bush enjoy one too? Just throw a peel or two into the hole before you plant it.

Photo courtesy of spiicytuna at Flickr.com.