Garden Boxes: 5 Top Picks

The phrase ‘garden box‘ brings a lot of different definitions and meanings to different people. For some, it can be a large place to grow many items, for others, it’s a small flowerbed – it really just depends on the person. However, no matter what your definition of a garden box is, there’s a lot of great options available out there.

Here are our favorite 5 picks for garden boxes:

The Square Cedar Container Garden Planter Box is an excellent and popular option for garden boxes. It’s available in three different height options (12 3/4″, 24 3/4″ and 35 1/2″) – each sold separately. At varying heights, and with each planter at a depth of 8 inches and made from durable long lasting cedar, this is an excellent all around option for garden boxes, hence making it one of our top 5 picks.

The Deluxe Grow Box for Patio Gardening Success is a self watering planter that assembles in no time. Watering is an easy process, as it includes an easy watering port, and comes with sturdy wire to help you along with plants that are weighty or with climbing vines. It’s a practical planter, but one that can help you solve the problem of over watering (absorbing tissue strips work as wicks and draw the water to the soil). While not as large as other types of garden boxes, this one certainly packs a powerful punch.

Then there’s the Patio Gardening Success Kit. This garden box is built to make sure you have every opportunity at crop success possible. It features a 4 gallon reservoir, a nutrient patch, and measures 30″ long 14″ wide x 12″ high – so there’s plenty of room for quite a few plants. This garden box is going to sit stationary, so whether or not you keep it on a ledge of the ground is completely up to you. Replacement nutrient patches are available as well (this is a great feature, because they act as a weed barrier).

The Rectangular Cedar Raised Planter Bed for Container Gardening is an excellent raised garden box measuring 35 1/2″ high X 20″ wide by 37 1/2″ long. It’s durable, since it’s made from cedar it will last a long time. The added height to a garden box such as this one means you can really get some great planting done without having to worry about back strain, and it will look phenomenal on decks and patios. It’s a solid choice for a garden box.

Finally on our list, we have the Three Level Square Recycled Raised Bed Planter. This planter is easy to assemble, is made from recycled plastic, and measures 4′ x 4′ x 18″ – so there’s plenty of room to plant things in this garden box. Now, one like this you ideally want to keep in the yard (as opposed to a raised planter on your deck), but there’s plenty of room for plants that need deeper layers of soil to grow. It’s a great addition to the garden if you’re looking for a garden box.

So as you can clearly see, there are many different definitions on what a garden box actually is, but no matter what – we’ve decided to list 5 of our favorite garden boxes that will be sure to help you along with your garden.